Dinner game

The Dinner Game is an entertaining activity where participants will be challenged at different times throughout the dinner. A good mix of decisions based on knowledge and risk taking is needed to take home the victory!

The activity is created to entertain by showing up at regular intervall during the course of the dinner. The participants remain at their tables and partake in the game through a team pad, in teams of 3-6 persons. The acitivity can be divided into different ”heats”, for example one heat before the starters and one after dessert.

The questions are created to incite discussion and laughter. The participants are tested in making balanced decisions to funny questions of varying difficulty. PROTIP: It’s possible to tailor the experience by adding questions related to your company! Additional price from SEK 50 per participant. A project leader for up to 2 hours is included in the price for The Dinner Game.


This activity is perfect for everyone that enjoys excitement, competition, missions and everything else that makes life fun! Everyone can participate in The Dinner Game. It’s particularly suitable for larger groups where time and organisation are of the essence. It’s the perfect activity to combine with a dinner.


All year round for group reservations.
Minimum number of participants is 10 persons.