Creative challenge

90 minutes – 100 missions. This activity takes place either in central Uppsala or in Fjällnora and is suitable for groups from 6 up to 1.000 people. It is possible for us to tailor the experience to other geographical locations. It’s also possible to tailor special missions for a small fee. It could, for example, be that you want to fit in some sort of voting or fun facts about the boss. There are great possibilities with this activity.

The game is a pacey race for the highest score set in a city environment. The participants get 100 missions to solve, that all award different scores. The wrong answer results in points deduction and it is possible to answer PASS to skip a question – so you must constantly set you priorities. Find, deliberate, photograph, call, create! The most creative group is usually victorious. The game finishes with a count of scores and an award ceremony.


This activity is perfect for everyone who enjoys excitement, competition, quests and everything else that makes life fun. Everyone can participate in The CREATIVE QUEST. It’s suitable for larger groups where time and organisation are of the essence. It’s the perfect activity to combine with a conference.


All year round. The minimal number of participants to run this activity is 6 persons.
NEW Challenge a rival! We will film, we go there in person to deliver an official challenge, and then put the movie on our channel to the dismay of your rival.