Code break

Having difficulty staying awake during the meeting?
Code Break is a fast and entertaining team activity that makes for a perfect way to stretch your legs during a conference. 
The participants are divided into teams and challenged to find a large number of codes hidden inside or outside of the conference area.

The right answer to a question or solution to a mission earns you points. The wrong answer leads to a score deduction, a pass removes the question from the game. Strategy, spirit and teamwork is the recipe to become the winner of this fun competition!

Every time you find a code and register it on the tablet you borrow from us you will be presented with a challenging brain teaser or a question to solve. Find as many codes as you can in 45 minutes and work together to become the winners of Code Break!

This activity is perfect for everyone that enjoys excitement, competition, missions and everything else that makes life fun! Everyone can participate in Code Break. It’s suitable for larger groups where time and organisation are of the essence. It’s the perfect activity to combine with a conference or a meeting. It’s not a physical activity and can be performed in a very small space.

All year around for group bookings.

Minimum number of participants to book is 10.