City hunt Uppsala

The group will be divided into smaller groups of 5-10 persons who together will solve missions in a city environment. Compete against each other in this tricky activity in the style of the DaVinci code.

Every team gets a bag with missions, first aid gear, compass, measurement tape, thin rope and occasionally some other stuff. After that a team leader is appointed. The intro takes about 15 minutes and after that the race of about 90 minutes is started. The five missions of this quest are all tied to different geographical locations.

When you arrive to a location you either have to do a mission or find a clue. Every clue you find will take you one step closer to the end point. The goal is of course to get there first! The quest is inspired by the DaVinci code with its exciting setup, you’ll be challenged with codes and riddles, mystic messages and adrenalin.


You will have to be prepared for around 90 minutes of brisk walking. Everything is allowed in this activity except for dividing the group. You are allowed to bribe the game leader, use the internet to search for facts and if you want to give it your all and hire a cab to save time it is up to you.

When you reach the end point there will be an award ceremony, so usually this will be set to a restaurant or a pub where you want to spend the rest of the night. You choose the finishing point yourselves, but this activity is a fun way to get there.


All year round for group reservations.
Minimum number of participants is 6 persons, recommended up to 25 persons.